Wedding Portraits of Aline and Jesse

Usually I don’t shoot weddings, this was a choice I made when starting Julie Voss Photography. However Aline and Jesse are my Seattle family. We spent Christmas eve together, Aline came to both of our weddings in France and Seattle and I was a witness of their union at the city court. I was so excited about their union that I had to capture those memories and brought my camera.

The big day was in Fairheaven, WA next to Bellingham. They could not have chosen a better day. It was sunny and warm. The outdoor area where the ceremony took place provided a perfect setting for beautiful wedding portraits.

Here are a few of the pictures taken that day 🙂

Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1261 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1266 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1280 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1293 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1316 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1335 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1363 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1377 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1449 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1451 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1462 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1467 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1473 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1484 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1499 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1506 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1518 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1522 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1524 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1538 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1543 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1549 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1565 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1661 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1682 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1697 Jesse_Aline_Wedding-1710

Jesse_Aline_Wedding_morning-1 Jesse_Aline_Wedding_morning-2



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