West Coast Road Trip

Back in March we went on a road trip on the west coast.  It was nice to go to different places. We drove from Seattle to Las Vegas, stopping by San Francisco for a few days and came back by Salt Lake City. In ten days we crossed seven states: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Idaho!

We came back home with plenty of memories from the lovely west coast: the people we met during our trip, the brakes of the car smoking because of the heat in Death Valley, the diversity of all the places we saw, the beautiful sunsets we were lucky enough to witness…

We had a really good time and can’t wait to do this again 🙂

Stop 1 – San Francisco

San_Francisco-4 San_Francisco-3 San_Francisco-2 San_Francisco-1

San_Francisco-5 Golden_Gate-1

Stop 2 – Yosemite

Yosemite-1 Yosemite-2

Stop 3 – Death Valley

Death_Valley-1 Death_Valley-3 Death_Valley-4 Death_Valley-5

Stop 4 – Las Vegas

Vegas-1 Vegas-2

Stop 5 – Grand Canyon

Grand_Canyon-2 Grand_Canyon-2 Grand_Canyon-3 Grand_Canyon-4 Grand_Canyon-5 Grand_Canyon-6 Grand_Canyon-7 Grand_Canyon-8 Grand_Canyon-9 Grand_Canyon-1

Stop 6 – Monument Valley

Monument_Valley-1Monument_Valley-4Monument_Valley-2Monument_Valley-5 Monument_Valley-3

Stop 7 – Arches

Arches-1Arches-10 Arches-2 Arches-3 Arches-4Arches-12 Arches-5 Arches-6Arches-11 Arches-7 Arches-13 Arches-9


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