December 2013

Holidays Greetings from Seattle, WA

¬†Time is flying so fast. I can’t believe 2013 is about to be over. It feels like I was with my friends celebrating the beginning of the year just yesterday. So many things happened this year, still it passed so fast.

We visited my friends and family in France. It was nice to see them after 2 years in the USA. My aunt got married. We got married. We survived a car accident and are still recovering. Hung out with my friends. My husband visited Paris for the first time.

Finally, I got the courage to start my photography business with the push of friends and family. I met a lot of new people who became good friends. Seattle feels like home now.

It was a great year and I am excited about my new projects for 2014!

This year we decided to keep it simple for our seasonal greeting cards. Just a white wall and Santa hats. We had a lot of fun during the photo-shoot.

We both wish you happy holidays! And see you in 2014!

Christmas greeting cards

Funny couple greeting cards  Winter holidays greeting cards pictures

Couple holidays picture

Jimmy Voss

Christmas portrait with candy canes

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