May 2013

Homemade studio

After brainstorming about what could be done for the invitations for our second wedding in France we decided to make them ourselves. Knowing that we would be taking the pictures ourselves we decided to do it indoors. The only issue is that our apartment only has white/beige walls and we wanted something more colorful. So we decided to go to Joann to get a nice fabric (they always have sales 🙂 ). My husband helped me to put the fabric on the door of the den and taped it. Then we added the lights he got me for Christmas and then we took tons of photos 🙂

Home Studio

Julie_Jimmy02 Julie_Jimmy03


Julie_Jimmy04 Julie_Jimmy05


September 2012


Yesterday I took some pictures. Lately, I have read a lot about reflectors and wanted to try to use it inside with natural light coming through the window. So I put my reflector in front of the window above my white sofa and placed my camera between the sofa and the reflectors. Then I connected my camera to my computer and used the remote control to take some pictures. I really like the light with this setting.

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